What Is Pilonidal Sinus Or Cyst And How To Get Treatment?

A pilonidal sinus is a tiny cyst that happens within the cleft, the highest part of the buttocks. Usually, a pilonidal sinus belongs to debris, hair and dirty place. It can be very painful or uneasiness that makes your life uncomfortable. Pilonidal sinus or cyst affects men in most conditions and is sort of common in young adults, who sit for long hours and don't have any physical activities in their regular routine.

What are the Symptoms to understand the pilonidal Sinus problem?

When the pilonidal Sinus process begins, there may not be any noticeable symptom except for a tiny low dimple close to the highest part of the buttocks. If it gets infected, the time period would possibly turn out to be a cyst or a symptom. A pilonidal cyst could be a closed sac stuffed with fluid, wherever as a symptom could be a swollen and inflamed tissue where pus gets collected. If you have got an infection, the symptoms are:

  • Low-grade fever
  • Swelling of cyst
  • Pain whereas sitting or standing
  • Reddened and sore skin around the depression
  • Pus or blood oozing out from a time period
  • Foul odor at intervals the sac Hair protruding from the area
  • Holes at intervals
  • The skin a lot of sinus tracts over a quantity of your time

What is Causes to improve Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal Cyst?

Activities like sitting cause friction and prompt the growing hair within the buttocks, into going back to the skin. once hair retracts back to the skin, the body considers hair as foreign particles and launches an immune reaction against the hair. Due to this immunization method, a cyst gets shaped around the hair. Though the basic cause for pilonidal sinus has not been established for sure, the factors that contribute to that are:

  • Ever-changing of hormones after a time of life
  • Growth of hair
  • Friction from garments
  • Spending a lot of time sitting


The risk factors for pilonidal sinus- who may affect form this?

  • Men
  • Mid-twenties
  • Unreactive Lifestyle
  • Lengthy posing or sitting
  • Overweight or fat
  • Excess hairy body

What is the Prevention that Dr. VP Singh Clinic can suggest to our clients?

Dr. V. P. Singh working since 1960 with a vision to cure diseases without surgery we truly believe in the natural process and permanent cure. As per our suggestion, this is the ways that to stop pilonidal sinus are:

  • Keep yourself clean and hygiene and around you
  • Staying work and be active in physical work
  • Try to avoid sitting for a long time in your daily routine