Sexual Problems (Male)

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

What do we mean by Erectile Failure: is defined as persistent or recurrent, partial or/ complete, failure to obtain or sustain, an erection until completion of satisfactory sexual activity. Alternative terms for erectile dysfunction are Impotence, erectile failure, erectile dysfunctions, sexual inadequacy, sexual weakness, less erection, decreased erection, failure in intercourse, sexual incompetence, unable to sex i.e. intercourse, erection problem, napunsakata, less hardness of penis, looseness of penis in mid of sex or before penetration, E. D., ED, etc.

Premature Ejaculation (early discharge)

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (also known as early discharge or quick orgasm, early fall, Shigra-patan) is one of the most frequent, of sexual disorders in the male and is characterized by sudden ejaculation of the semen, just prior to or immediately after vaginal penetration during intercourse (before one wishes or before he could satisfy the female partner).

Low Sex Desire (Decreased Libido)

The low sex desire is called when the desire for sex is lower than average. This decreased libido leads to un-satisfaction in opposite partner. Even the person who suffers with less i.e. diminished sexual desire & low frequency of sex suffers with various psychological depression disorders. Even the relation between the couples deteriorates.

Inability to consummate after marriage

Many couples are unable to do successful vaginal intercourse after marriage due to various reasons. The cause may be in man or women. Each of these below mentioned causes for non-consummation of marriage are investigated & treated scientifically. Thus first of all you find out your likely cause then from home age read that disorder in detail.

Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation (orgasm)

There are certain conditions in which ejaculation occurs but it takes long time (delayed ejaculation). Retarded ejaculation is a disorder where the male wants to ejaculate but is unable to do so. It was believed to be a rare condition but we frequently come across patients suffering from this disorder. Sex therapists in USA and Europe have also noted an increase in its incidence.

Night Falls / Nocturnal Emission (Semen discharge during sleep)

We discuss in detail about the detail physiology and causes of night falls & what one should do for it. Multiple growths on penis, which occurs on base of glans in one or two row. They are pearl like small asymptomatic growth. They can be due to warts, benign growths, & pearly penile papule. We diagnose the cause of such problems & then treat accordingly.


There are many patients in whom whitish or yellow semen like or water like secretions are discharged in urine during defecation, urination or other time. This type complaint has been found in many boys or men.

Sex Potency / Fitness Checkup

Sexual potency fitness checkup before or after marriage is also provided at our centre by detailed history, examination, few blood tests as male sex hormones, penile blood supply tests, nerves of penis so that they can go for marriage with confidence.

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